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The storytelling playlist app is a great template to showcase your map with a corresponding interactive list of points displayed in your map. See example here.

In order to build the intercative playlist, your webmap must include one of the following type of layers:
  • CSV layer embedded in webmap
  • Feature service layer
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The watershed restoration projects implemented by Plumas Corporation since 1985 in the Feather River Watershed were done in collaboration with the Feather River Coordinated Resource Management partners. The projects are displayed in this map along with local natural and human features. The purpose of this map is to display spatial relationship among the projects and to share information about each. The user can see pictures of the project areas, obtain additional information and access project monitoring reports.

Some of the natural features include different watersheds and sub-basins, perennial and intermittent streams, lakes, ponds and local soil types. The human features in the map are local communities, county boundaries, highways, irrigation canals and ditches.

Disclaimer: The location data in this application represents the information presented by the Univerity of California Coorperative Extension and the Plumas Corporation